Friday, May 23, 2014

A Very Special Man..My Dad

Over the last month I have had my Dad of 85years staying with  me whilst hubby has been overseas
I have to admit that I enjoyed everyday spent with this wonderful man
He may be slow on walking but his wit and cheeky smile is never far away ..
I just hope I still have a sense of humour like he has when I reach that  age (god willing)
My dad was a hard working man that worked long hours to provide for us  we were no way what you would have  called  rich that was for sure..
 but I don't think we missed out on very  much or maybe our needs were just less..
Mum was always the nurturer of the family and the person you went to when you needed advice or just  to talk about what was troubling you
But now with the passing of darling Mum
 Dad has taken on that role and even though you may have to repeat the story twice or sometimes three times so he hears all the details after saying what is worrying you  a few times it all doesn't seem that a big of an issue...

I have to say that there are not  many good men left like this one in the world
but I guess we got lucky..!!!

Love you Dad xxx

Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Mothers Day ..xx

To Mothers who celebrate this special day enjoy..
and  Mothers who are celebrating this Day as a first time Mother which includes my daughter
have a wonderful day !
I have the honour of having the title Grandma this year  a name I have longed to be called
Benjamin you have brought so much love and joy to me in just 5 months xx

Also to Mothers who are not here you are never forgotten and are always in our hearts
my mother was such a loving Mother and I hope I will be loved as much as her Grandchildren  continue to love and remember her this week it would have been Mums birthday 84th  hard to imagine even harder to think that it will be 15 years that she passed

Again Have a wonderful day dear mothers and enjoy
Michelle xx

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Back After So Long ....

Back after such along time ...
Well as many of you would know that after 14 years at my store
Kerri and I closed the store to have more time with our families now we both have become Granma's last year
As you can imagine we both felt great  sadness in saying goodbye to so many beautiful customers over the years many  who have become  friends that we have shared many special moments in our lives
some happy , sometimes sad ...
I have continued the website with a French Nordic feel with products from jean d Arc Living with books and a select range of homewares
So I hope you can come  and keep in touch with me on this blog and also facebook and don't forget to take a pick at the new look website
Love to you
Michelle xx
PS if you want see the reason why things have changed I have posted an image of my darling Grandson Benjamin who is now nearly 5 months

Monday, March 25, 2013

Decorating Style 2013

 Teal Blue is a current decorating colour for 2013
look for many of these products at our store