Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Back After So Long ....

Back after such along time ...
Well as many of you would know that after 14 years at my store
Kerri and I closed the store to have more time with our families now we both have become Granma's last year
As you can imagine we both felt great  sadness in saying goodbye to so many beautiful customers over the years many  who have become  friends that we have shared many special moments in our lives
some happy , sometimes sad ...
I have continued the website with a French Nordic feel with products from jean d Arc Living with books and a select range of homewares
So I hope you can come  and keep in touch with me on this blog and also facebook and don't forget to take a pick at the new look website
Love to you
Michelle xx
PS if you want see the reason why things have changed I have posted an image of my darling Grandson Benjamin who is now nearly 5 months