Friday, May 23, 2014

A Very Special Man..My Dad

Over the last month I have had my Dad of 85years staying with  me whilst hubby has been overseas
I have to admit that I enjoyed everyday spent with this wonderful man
He may be slow on walking but his wit and cheeky smile is never far away ..
I just hope I still have a sense of humour like he has when I reach that  age (god willing)
My dad was a hard working man that worked long hours to provide for us  we were no way what you would have  called  rich that was for sure..
 but I don't think we missed out on very  much or maybe our needs were just less..
Mum was always the nurturer of the family and the person you went to when you needed advice or just  to talk about what was troubling you
But now with the passing of darling Mum
 Dad has taken on that role and even though you may have to repeat the story twice or sometimes three times so he hears all the details after saying what is worrying you  a few times it all doesn't seem that a big of an issue...

I have to say that there are not  many good men left like this one in the world
but I guess we got lucky..!!!

Love you Dad xxx

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